Add an AI Copilot to your Business Rules Management Sys

SuperFlow is a community-driven, no-code Business Rules Management System with a developer-friendly UI and effortless deployment.
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  • 88X Faster
    Superflow's community-driven approach makes it 3X more efficient, empowering users to build workflows faster and more collaboratively.
  • 3X Efficient
    Superflow's highly resilient self-hosting ensures data security for our users.
  • 10X Secure
    Superflow's highly resilient self-hosting ensures data security for our users.
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Large Flow Generator Model

Our Large Flow Generator Model combines multiple agents to generate flow. Using a simple sampling-and-voting approach, we've found that performance scales with the number of agents. This method, independent of complex enhancements, correlates with task difficulty.

More Agents Is All You Need

How It Works

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    Search for or generate a flow template

    Browse our growing library of pre-built templates and find one that fits your needs.
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    Create your flow

    Use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build your workflow with no code required.
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    Test your flow

    Verify that your workflow is working as intended using our built-in testing tools.
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    Deploy your flow

    When you're ready, deploy your workflow with just a few clicks and watch it go to work for you.
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Instant Generate Flows on 100+ data sources

  • Connect seamlessly to 100+ data sources.
  • Accelerate development with swift, scalable workflows.
  • Instantly generate flows without manual steps.

SuperFlow Components


Cockpit AI

Cockpit AI enables users to swiftly generate robust dashboards through conversational interaction, allowing for seamless creation in mere minutes.

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Forms AI11 min read

Forms AI streamlines the creation of dynamic forms in minutes through chat-based interaction, with the added capability to seamlessly integrate external data connectors.

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Data Hub14 min read

Our data hub facilitates seamless integration with external actions and data sources, boasting an extensive library of over 1000 compatible integrations.

What our users says

No need to take our word for it ! Here are just a few of our reviews.
  • aman
    Aman Singh
    CEO - SayF, Alum IIT Delhi
    "SuperFlow has been a game-changer for us. Finally, thanks to their simple and powerful automation tools, we can build and manage workflows with ease and flexibility."
  • rakesh
    Rakesh Raushan
    CEO - Techtable, Alum IIT Madras
    "I loved using SuperFlow to create workflows without writing a single line of code. The scheduling and API integrations were handy, and the system's reliability made my job more efficient!"
  • deepali
    Deepali Pathe
    UI/UX Designer
    "SuperFlow's intuitive UI made designing workflows feel like a UI/UX experience. It's easy to use and significantly reduces our workflow development time."
  • Rag
    Rag Sanil
    CTO - Subspace, Alum IIT Madras
    "SuperFlow has been a game changer for our workflow automation. Its no-code interface made setting up processes a breeze and saved significant time. Highly recommend!"

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